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Who can endure on the day of Your coming?
Who will be able to stand?
You will return like refiner’s fire.
Who will be saved by Your hand?

You made a way by the blood of Your sacrifice,
Poured out on Calvary’s tree;
Now, in Your presence, Your glory, and righteousness
Stir up a passion in me.

Though You were blameless, You laid down Your life for us,
Bearing the weight of our sin;
Come, with the power that raised You, victorious,
Pour out Your presence again.

The fire of Your love is burning within me,
Consuming my heart, restoring my soul;
My only desire, to abide in Your holiness,
Here in the fire of Your love, here in the fire of Your love.

~ Paul Baloche & Ed Kerr

Esther 9:22 – “As the days on which the Jews had rest from their enemies, as the month which was turned from sorrow to joy for them, & from mourning to a holiday; that they should make them days of feasting and joy, of sending presents to one another and gifts to the poor.”

There can be a lull in the battle. The enemy, Satan, waits for a time or a season to bombard us with something painful. When you are feeling somewhat good about your life, the attack begins. The enemy comes at you with curve balls, hand grenades, mortars, and a frontal attack. All this to test how fragile you are. This is to test your faith in God.

There is no rest from our enemies. They stand ready to attack at a moment’s notice, regardless of the situation or timing. They are ready to pounce heavily. These attacks happen daily to those in the Body of Christ. The Body of Christ must maintain its guard, and watchfulness to protect itself.

That is why the Church, the Body of Christ exists, to help one another and to stand together and fight the enemy.

We are soldiers of Christ (Miles Christi). The Church is One and reveals a great and generous heart. The Church, deeply moved by the heart of Christ, struggles with how indifferent people respond to God’s love through her. She looks to the Cross upon Calvary with affection, knowing all too well all that has been left at its foot. A change must come upon the Church. The Church fears in horror that she may become mediocre, useless, and express an empty life. Now, the Church must look upon the Lord and ask, “What have I done for You, what am I doing for You, and what must I do for You?”