The Fire of Your Love

Posted: October 24, 2011 in Charismatic, Christian, Evangelical, Pentecostal, Reformed, Repentance
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Who can endure on the day of Your coming?
Who will be able to stand?
You will return like refiner’s fire.
Who will be saved by Your hand?

You made a way by the blood of Your sacrifice,
Poured out on Calvary’s tree;
Now, in Your presence, Your glory, and righteousness
Stir up a passion in me.

Though You were blameless, You laid down Your life for us,
Bearing the weight of our sin;
Come, with the power that raised You, victorious,
Pour out Your presence again.

The fire of Your love is burning within me,
Consuming my heart, restoring my soul;
My only desire, to abide in Your holiness,
Here in the fire of Your love, here in the fire of Your love.

~ Paul Baloche & Ed Kerr

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