The 7-10 Minute Bible Message

Posted: May 2, 2015 in Biblical, Books, Preaching, Scriptural, Teaching
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This week we were assigned to prepare a 7-10 minute Bible message from a New Testament letter using the method taught in the course textbook. Below is some research into the background and context for my Bible message, and practical application.

Exclusive Obedience to God

Background & context for Acts 5:26-32

Chapter 4 

  • First time Peter and John arrested and appear before the Sanhedrin at the hands of the Sadducees (a small powerful Jewish religious group who didn’t believe in the resurrection).
  • Peter & John warned not to speak no longer to anyone in that (Jesus Name) Peter & John are warned and then released.
  • Peter & John afterward went back to their own believing brethren and prayed mightily until the Holy Spirit came upon them again and filled them, resulting in speaking the word of God boldly.

Chapter 5: 1-25

  • Story of lying to the Holy Spirit my Ananias & Sapphira and their immediate judgment.
  • The Apostles heal & deliver many people; many people are coming to repentance and faith; large crowds begin to gather all around Jerusalem bringing their sick & afflicted.
  • Then someone told the Sadducees that “the men you put in jail are standing in the temple courts teaching the people!”

Questions for application:

  • How should I adjust my priorities?
  • What should I change about my values, beliefs, attitudes, or character to bring them in alignment with the Word of God?
  • What should I change about my thoughts and motives for my mind to be renewed?
  • What must I surrender to live in the power of the Holy Spirit?
  • What must I surrender to keep in step with the Holy Spirit?

Power Point:

Do not let anything or anyone else determine your values and/or standards in any area of your life – your obedience is to God exclusively.

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