“Sing and preach His praises always” by John Calvin

Posted: March 20, 2015 in Uncategorized

Tolle Lege

“Now let us fall down before the majesty of our good God, with acknowledgement of our faults, praying Him to make us feel them more and more, that we may be sorry for them, and so strive to follow His service, that we may show by our deeds all our life long that He has not redeemed us in vain from the tyranny of Satan, and set us at liberty even to serve Him with a free will, and to give ourselves wholly to the glorifying of His holy name.

And let us beseech Him also to grant us the grace so to taste the benefits which He bestows upon us that they may incite us more and more to glorify Him, and that it may be our continual exercise and study to sing and preach His praises always, and to acknowledge how greatly we are bound and indebted to…

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