Why my heart is weeping…

Posted: December 10, 2009 in Christian


“When He approached Jerusalem, He saw the city and wept over it…” Luke 19:41

The word of the Lord came to me today; my spirit has been humbled and tears have flowed from heart to my eyes; I wondered why I am so emotional while worshiping the Lord this morning. When I sat down in my office and turned my computer on, I started weeping from deep within my spirit. A word from the Lord came to me saying, "Weep, weep for your nation. Rise up true and faithful Church and weep for your Nation. Weep at the depravity, the perverseness, and especially the idolatry. Weep and do not forget the righteous purity and wholesomeness you have come from as a Nation. Feel sorrow and remorse for your Nation! Weep for your country, weep for the leadership in your country, weep and pray that their hearts soften. Arise and proclaim the deliverance which my Gospel brings to all who receive it. Weep as you deliver the message and do not stop weeping until you have been completely faithful. Remember, judgment begins in My house. Weep."

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