In response on how to deal with habitual sin…

Posted: December 14, 2009 in Christian



I feel one must understand his/her true nature and their relationship with and to God. To help understand this relationship, the responsibility to aide in this understanding is upon the leadership of the local church under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Without that knowledge, how would any Christian know? Does God allows certain sins? I do not believe so. To say so would oppose everything that He has done and provided for humanity through our Savior and Lord Jesus Christ!

God gives us the grace and the strength to deal with our sins and our sinfulness. I truly do not believe God pulls His grace from us, to and fro, like a yo-yo or like a lure to entice us to be "good" people. God’s grace is ever present in His Holy Spirit, Who is in us and with us. Every time we partake of the most precious Body and Blood of Christ, we obtain the strength and nourishment to move forward toward our complete sanctification, our deification. Once we recognize the sin "which so easily besets us," and that recognition happens only because of His Holy Spirit in us, Who convicts us of our short comings, we pray that God would give us more strength to combat either the wiles of the devil or our own passions.

I do not feel that God "allows" sins to remain a hindrance to us to facilitate our humility. The conviction of the Holy Spirit facilitates plenty of humility! God knows "why" we are sinning! It is a matter of our will, and not His will that we sin. Christians will know how they sin, when they sinned, and its consequence! Just like a person with acid reflux knows all too well that when they eat really spicy food or the wrong food they are in for some serious pain. Sin causes pain. Pain in our hearts. We must learn the Prayer of the Heart to stop the pain, and stop the sin. When you tell a child, "do not put your finger in the socket, it will hurt you…" what happens? The child either heads straight for that socket or turns and crawls away! As Christians, we learn and grow like children. We need the Word of God and His teachers to steer us in the right direction. There may be a little scolding once in a while, but then when we come around and understand that when we avoid the pain, we have avoided sin, we come closer to God. When we obey God, there is no pain. Our hearts do not hurt. People around me don’t get hurt.

Would God "take away" that sin? Does God let this sin or that sin to hang around for a while? NO. Our obedience to the Holy Spirit in us should defeat that sin and put it away. Our stubborn will allows those sins to hang around. God hears our prayers for strength and fortitude. He hears the prayers of the saints on our behalf for the same reason.

God provides everything for us. Just as a parent provides everything their child needs to grow, learn, and mature. It is God’s will that our will become aligned with His will for us. The characteristics of Christ will become more and more apparent in us. We will start to exhibit more of the "likeness" of God; our true nature. There is NO sin that God will not forgive a person who has truly confessed, with true sorrow, and commits to truly repent. God knows this. God knows if that will occur or not; or if the Christian will commit that sin again. The Holy Spirit will convict him again, and again, until he gets it right. That is the compassion of God!

Do you feel guilty when you think adversely of others who have sinned or what they have done? When you mock their situation, or say to yourself, "how could they have done that?" You may say, "what kind of person would do such a thing?" Well, you should feel guilty. Because, potentially you are capable yourself of the same infraction, the same sin. And only you know where you are with God. The point I am making is when you see someone fall or falling, remember your own condition, it could be you that has fallen! The Holy Spirit in us reminds us of that! That is the compassion of God!

The compassion of God is His knowledge of us, His love for us, and His patience with us. I believe God has no sense of belittling a Christian because of his sin. The Christian does that all by himself. He is our Father, He will teach us, discipline us, mold us, form us, and guide us into becoming one with Him, not in essence, but in assimilation, truly in His image and in His likeness. Not my will, but Thy will be done in me.

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